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how many “friend-zoned” guys does it take to change a light bulb? None they’ll just compliment it and get pissed when it won’t screw. 

I think too much. I think ahead. I think behind. I think sideways. I think it all. If it exists, I’ve fucking thought of it.

Winona Ryder (via stark-queen)

Hey followers, if you’re in a philosophy class and are having issues with your final, you can inbox me and I will help.



yeah same here i’ll try to assist you particularly if its related to analytic philosophy

cautiously adding myself to a list of ppl you can ask

I’d say I’m most helpful with early-modern philosophy (Descartes, Spinoza, Hume, Locke etc) and a bit of Kant

you need Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Freud? I got you, yo. 

I interviewed a young anthropologist working with women in Mali, a country in Africa where women go around with bare breasts. They’re always feeding their babies. And when she told them that in our culture men are fascinated with breasts there was an instant of shock. The women burst out laughing. They laughed so hard, they fell on the floor.

They said, “You mean, men act like babies?”

Carolyn Latteier, Breasts, the women’s perspective on an American obsession (via fuckyeahbreastfeedingscience)

game of thrones + pretty colors

game of thrones + pretty colors

You know, ever since I first met him, I always thought, ‘Man, I hope I don’t mess this up.’ Because that’s what I do. I mess things up. But you know what I never thought? I never thought ‘I hope this doesn’t mess me up’.

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when you’re sad because you got your nose pierced and then your dad says it “makes your nose look even bigger,” just remember that not only is that opinion completely subjective, our perception of the world is itself a subjective representation of our own mental functions. nothing is objective but the thing-in-itself, and that is only will.

thanks, schopenhauer

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