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Every Time I See The Light Part Two Titus Andronicus 39 plays


Every Time That I See The Light pt. 2 - Titus Andronicus

My immortal soul is under attack!
My parents’ sacred vows have all been taken back.
Created from a love that never happened
is the child who is born of original sin.

Condemned by Christ, by Allah, abhorred,
I am one such bastard in the eyes of the Lord,
and if the Bible is more than a long list of lies,
I know just where I’m going to go when I die.

So thanks a lot, Mom and Dad
you gave me everything that you never had.
After you stare down the barrel of God’s holy rifle,
you can tell me that it’s not so bad.

Just be ready when it’s your time, because there’s a real angry man on the other line.

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